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No strict manners!

Chojiya’s tororo-jiru is nutritious!
Made to pray for the safety (and health) of everyone traveling.
No matter how hard you travel, eating rice will give you energy.
Tororo-jiru is a dish that is difficult to eat with chopsticks.
Please bring your own bowl and eat it with momentum.

How to Eat Tororo-jiru

How to Eat Tororo-jiru
Tororo no uta(Tororo Song)

From some time ago, "Tororo no uta(Tororo Song)" was made.
It is said that the staff of the Chojiya wrote the lyrics because they wanted everyone to know how to eat the Tororo-jiru.

Spoon some of the tororo-jiru on top of the barley rice and stir it together like you would beat eggs so it becomes fluffy. The taste will be surprisingly more delicate compared to eating it without stirring.Stir & Slurp These two 'bad manners' for eating actually help make tororo-jiru taste it's best.
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