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All nine rooms in Chojiya are named after an individual associated with Mariko Post Station and Shizuoka. Each room is decorated with Edo-style furnishings and Ukiyo-e so that the wait for your meal is also enjoyable.

Japanese tatami, tables, large groups, and private rooms—various seating arrangements are available to suit customers’ needs.

1 “Hiroshige Room”

table seating; seats 68
Hiroshige Room

Ukiyoe “Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi” (53 stages on the Tokai-do Road)” (reprinted version) by Hiroshige Utagawa is on display.

Hiroshige Room

2 “Basho Room”

Japanese tatami & table seating; seats 22
Basho Room

Room of an old private house with a thatched roof.
*If you would like to have a meal in this room, please tell us when you enter the store.

Basho Room

3 “Ikku Room”

Japanese tatami seating; seats 22
Ikku Room

In the past, this room was a place of life and business.
Artist Taro Okamoto ate in this room.

Ikku Room

4 “Socho Room”

Japanese Tatami Seating; seats 54
Socho Room

The regular event “Tororo-yose” is held in this room.
Lay down cushions and enjoy rakugo and other shows.

Socho Room

5 “Yaji Room”

table seating; seats 32
Yaji Room

The pillars between the floors are all made of different types of wood, and if you look closely, you can feel the fine details of the creator.

Yaji Room

6 “Kita Room(Front)”

Japanese Tatami Seating; seats 10
Private (reservations required)
Kita Room(Front)

A private room with a view of the garden.
It is also used for special seats in life such as face-to-face.

Kita Room(Front)

7 “Kita Room(Back)”

Japanese Tatami Seating; seats 16
Private (reservations required)
Kita Room(Back)

It is a private room that can be used by even a small group.
Because it is a hidden room, it is also used for business meetings.

Kita Room(Back)

8 “Tokugawa Room”

Japanese Tatami Seating; seats 15
Private (reservations required)
Tokugawa Room

At the back of the store, A room with a quiet atmosphere with a view of the garden.

Tokugawa Room

9 “Imagawa Room”

Japanese Tatami Seating; seats 8
Private (reservations required)
Imagawa Room

This room has a back door and sumo wrestlers used this room several times.
It is a small room, but it has a calm atmosphere. A tea room is also adjacent.

Imagawa Room
  • * We will guide you to the room that fits your group. (Room requests are not accepted.)
  • * Reservations of private rooms require advanced notice; a fee of 1,500 yen will be applied on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • * All rooms are nonsmoking. A smoking space is provided.
  • * Folding chairs for the Japanese tatami rooms are available for those who have trouble sitting on the floor (limited supply).
  • * Chairs for small children are also available (limited supply).
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