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We continue to pass down the culture and technology left by our predecessors.

In the store, the tools of travelers actually used during the Edo period, as well as the works of Basyo Matsuo, Ikku Juppensha, and Hiroshige Utagawa are on display at all times.
There are also special exhibitions and events.
If you come to the Chojiya, you can't just enjoy the Tororo-jiru. Visit the gallery and experience the history.
It's okay to touch or talk about exhibits!
Please enjoy it by all means.

  • Woodblock for Medicinal Pouches
  • Kiseru (tobacco pipe)
  • Gourd-shaped Sake Bottle & Cup
  • Ise-dochuki (Ise Travel Journal)
  • Portable Writing Set
  • Seal Case
  • Compass & Abacus
  • Notice on the Restoration of Imperial Rule
  • How to Eat Tororo-jiru
  • Hiroshige's print
  • Ask Chojiya!
  • Tokaido Gosyukuba-in
  • How to enjoy Mariko-juku
  • Tokaido gojunana-tsugi network
  • Chojiya Blog(Written in Japanese.)
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